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About CDDs

A CDD is a governmental system created to serve the long-term particular requirements of its community. Created pursuant to chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes, a CDD’s main powers are strategy, finance, construction, run and keep community-wide infrastructure and services specifically for the benefit of its citizens.

A CDD is governed by its Board of Supervisors which is elected initially by the landowners, then begins transitioning to locals of the CDD after six years of operation. Like all community, county, state, and national elections, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections oversees the vote, and CDD Supervisors are subject to state ethics and financial disclosure laws.

Florida Commission on Ethics www.ethics.state.fl.us – select “Ethics Laws”

2016 Guide to the Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics

The CDD’s company is performed in the “Sunshine,” meanings that all meetings and records are open to the public. Public hearings are hung on CDD evaluations and the CDD’s budget plan undergoes yearly independent audit.